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How Much Does Personal Training Cost?

One of the most common questions I get with a potential new client is, “How much does personal training cost?” The answer is: “It depends.” The hourly rate you pay when you work with a professional Personal Trainer does not really correlate with what your actual cost will be. That’s not a typo. Hourly rate […]

Where to Buy Inexpensive Home Gym Equipment

In an earlier post, I offered suggestions for building an inexpensive home gym and provided links to some of my online fitness programs to give you some ideas on how to get started. This post will focus on where you can find inexpensive home gym equipment as well as small portables that you can take […]

Small Business Saturday Online Fitness Training Sale

Get ready for the best prices EVER offered on select pre-designed strength training programs from our online catalog on Small Business Saturday! Half Off  Strength Training Programs For Several Sports!! Each of these programs has been designed by a professional Strength and Conditioning Coach and  includes 5 different workouts to be done in a year […]

Osteoporosis Exercise Guidelines

Osteoporosis is a disease of the bones that affects men and women of all races, but white and Asian post-menopausal women are at higher risk. Bone is living tissue that is constantly remodeling itself: breaking down the old and being replaced with new (which is how we are able to recover from fractures). Osteoporosis occurs […]

Six Squat Variations: Which Is Best?

The squat is one of the most functional and useful exercises a person can do. It’s how you get in and out of a chair, in and out of a car, and on and off a toilet, just to name a few of life’s everyday activities. There are several squat variations, but which one is […]

Build An Inexpensive Home Gym

Since I provide professional personal training services in my client’s homes, I am often asked what kind of fitness equipment they will need in order to get an effective workout without having to go to a gym or pay health club fees. In truth, it depends upon the goals of the client and how much […]

Strength Training With No Equipment

There are lots of scenarios where you’d like to be able to do strength training with no equipment; you’re traveling and won’t have access to a gym, you want to work out at home and don’t have any exercise equipment, you can’t afford a gym membership or home gym equipment for strength training, etc. The […]

Workouts for the Workplace

I’m offering up three brand new workouts for the workplace designed to help offset some of the repetitive stress that occurs in the modern workplace. None require any special equipment and most of the exercises are stretches or mobility exercises that can be done before, during, or after work! They’re dirt cheap and each is […]

5 Benefits of Barefoot Training

Barefoot and minimalist training has become all the rage over the last few years, especially among the running community. As a certified Barefoot Training Specialist who specializes in corrective and post-rehab exercise, I must remind you that barefoot running and barefoot training are NOT the same thing (though folks who are interested in transitioning to […]

Transverse Abdominis Activation

The transverse abdominis muscle is the deepest muscle in the abdomen and has a tendency to get weak in postpartum women, people with back pain, or any postural dysfunction. In other words, most people. Learning to activate this muscle is the starting point for many of my personal training clients – and it’s surprising how […]