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Small Business Saturday Online Fitness Training Sale

Get ready for the best prices EVER offered on select pre-designed strength training programs from our online catalog on Small Business Saturday! Half Off  Strength Training Programs For Several Sports!! Each of these programs has been designed by a professional Strength and Conditioning Coach and  includes 5 different workouts to be done in a year […]

Twin Cities Marathon Stretching Special Offer!

It’s that time of year again…. the Twin Cities Marathon is just around the corner and the runners are in taper mode! Just a week and a half away from the starting gun of “The Most Beautiful Urban Marathon in America” and everyone is getting antsy, afraid that they are losing fitness because their last […]

Off Season Training for Alpine Skiing

  If you are a skier in the Northern Hemisphere, you should already be doing your off season training for alpine skiing. In a year-long periodized training cycle, I typically recommend beginning dedicated off season training for alpine skiing in May. The off season period serves as a time to correct muscle imbalances, address weak […]

Free Travel Workout!

The holidays can get hectic with all of the family gatherings, office parties, shopping, over-eating (much of it junk food to boot) and… travel! So, my holiday gift to you is to provide you with a simple free travel workout that can be done anywhere! This program is for the beginner client that would like […]

K’s Body Shop Personal Fitness Training Thanks Military Veterans

There is a “21 days of gratitude” thing going on in advance of the Thanksgiving holiday that I think is pretty cool. Put on by several different world renowned mentors, it’s a FREE journey into gratitude that is supposed to be a reliable way for anyone to learn to meditate. Having a “monkey mind” and […]

How to Get FREE Personal Training in Minneapolis!

While I firmly believe that any investment that you make to improve your health will SAVE you money in the end, it can still be tough to come up with the cash NOW to get the services you need from a qualified fitness professional. I listed several ways to get professional personal training on a […]

Twin Cities Marathon Special

The Twin Cities Marathon is two weeks from today! In honor of this iconic race, I’m offering a Twin Cities Marathon special promotion through the month of October! My very first marathon (and only road marathon) was the Twin Cities Marathon in 2002, so it has a special place in my heart even though I […]