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Small Business Saturday Online Fitness Training Sale

Get ready for the best prices EVER offered on select pre-designed strength training programs from our online catalog on Small Business Saturday! Half Off  Strength Training Programs For Several Sports!! Each of these programs has been designed by a professional Strength and Conditioning Coach and  includes 5 different workouts to be done in a year […]

Off Season Training for Alpine Skiing

  If you are a skier in the Northern Hemisphere, you should already be doing your off season training for alpine skiing. In a year-long periodized training cycle, I typically recommend beginning dedicated off season training for alpine skiing in May. The off season period serves as a time to correct muscle imbalances, address weak […]

Running: Six Reasons You’re Not Getting Faster

So, you’re a distance runner who’s been training for awhile, perhaps even run a few races. Maybe you started jogging to lose a few pounds and decided you really like running 🙂 Initially you saw steady improvement, but you’ve hit a plateau and are not getting faster. Here are a few of the most common […]

Strength Training: 8 Reasons You’re Not Getting Stronger

Most of my clients come to me with improving strength as one of their goals, whether they are training for a specific sport, an older adult trying to remain living independently, or simply want to improve function and quality of life after an illness or injury. There are lots of reasons why people hit plateaus […]

How to Transition to Barefoot Running

As a professional Personal Trainer who specializes in corrective exercise and orthopedic post-rehab, I get my share of dinged up runners seeking to get back in the game. Most of them have the classic muscle imbalances in their hips, core, and lower extremities that lead to injury. Many of them are kicking off their traditional […]

FREE Corrective Exercise for Distance Runners Clinic

Join me for a FREE Corrective Exercise for Distance Runners Clinic at TC Running Company in Eden Prairie from 10 am – noon on Saturday, November 2, 2013! Stop by the best running shop in the Twin Cities (especially if you’re a trail runner or an ultra runner) between 10 am and noon and join […]

How to Get FREE Personal Training in Minneapolis!

While I firmly believe that any investment that you make to improve your health will SAVE you money in the end, it can still be tough to come up with the cash NOW to get the services you need from a qualified fitness professional. I listed several ways to get professional personal training on a […]

Four Simple Exercises That Every Distance Runner Needs to Do

It’s that time of year again…. just a few weeks away from the Twin Cities Marathon! Fall is in the air, the mornings are becoming cooler, and the first signs of fall color are starting to show in the foliage. Every marathon distance runner in the Twin Cities has spent the last several months logging […]

How to get Professional Personal Training on a Budget

It’s well documented that people who hire professional Personal Trainers have greater success at achieving their fitness goals and with less chance of getting injured in the process. Note that I said professional Personal Trainers – those like myself with an advanced college degree in the field, multiple credible certifications, and years of proven experience. […]