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Website Transfer Complete

I apologize to my customers, clients, and visitors for the recent difficulties related to purchasing pre-designed programs on this site. We started a website transfer in late December after learning of hardware limitations that were affecting our website performance at our old host. There were some hiccups along the way migrating to our new web […]

5 Benefits of Barefoot Training

Barefoot and minimalist training has become all the rage over the last few years, especially among the running community. As a certified Barefoot Training Specialist who specializes in corrective and post-rehab exercise, I must remind you that barefoot running and barefoot training are NOT the same thing (though folks who are interested in transitioning to […]

Glute Activation Exercises

As a Corrective Exercise Specialist, weak gluteus muscles are one of the most common imbalances that I see in my practice. It is especially common in folks who spend lots of time sitting, no matter how active they are. Weak glutes can be a contributing factor to all sorts of problems, including low back pain, […]

Improve Your Balance With the Foot Tripod Exercise

Here is a simple exercise that is suitable for all ages and abilities that can improve your balance and strengthen the intrinsic muscles in your feet: the Foot Tripod exercise. I use this with my elderly clients who want to improve balance, my post rehab clients whose balance is sometimes impaired after surgery or injury, […]

What is Corrective Exercise and Do You Need It?

From the Mailbag: To: Owner From: Nick O’Brien Email: Subject: Article – What is Corrective Exercise and Do You Need It? Message: Hi team, I read Kelly’s article “What is Corrective Exercise and Do You Need It?” and loved it! Wow. The person you use as an example under “everything is connected” I’m positive […]