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‘Tis the Season to Get Moving!

Every year from Thanksgiving to the New Year, the average American gains weight; anywhere from one to five pounds depending on the study. This is largely because of overeating, overindulging in alcoholic beverages, and less physical activity. Add in the stress of planning or attending several holiday parties, gift shopping, and traveling out of town […]

Best Cardio Exercise For Beginners

A common question among those who are just starting a fitness program is, “What is the best cardio exercise?” The short answer: Any aerobic activity that you will do on a regular basis. At this stage of the game, I’m really more interested in getting people in the habit of incorporating more physical activity into […]

Small Business Saturday Online Fitness Training Sale

Get ready for the best prices EVER offered on select pre-designed strength training programs from our online catalog on Small Business Saturday! Half Off  Strength Training Programs For Several Sports!! Each of these programs has been designed by a professional Strength and Conditioning Coach and  includes 5 different workouts to be done in a year […]

Build An Inexpensive Home Gym

Since I provide professional personal training services in my client’s homes, I am often asked what kind of fitness equipment they will need in order to get an effective workout without having to go to a gym or pay health club fees. In truth, it depends upon the goals of the client and how much […]

Strength Training With No Equipment

There are lots of scenarios where you’d like to be able to do strength training with no equipment; you’re traveling and won’t have access to a gym, you want to work out at home and don’t have any exercise equipment, you can’t afford a gym membership or home gym equipment for strength training, etc. The […]

Workouts for the Workplace

I’m offering up three brand new workouts for the workplace designed to help offset some of the repetitive stress that occurs in the modern workplace. None require any special equipment and most of the exercises are stretches or mobility exercises that can be done before, during, or after work! They’re dirt cheap and each is […]

5 Benefits of Barefoot Training

Barefoot and minimalist training has become all the rage over the last few years, especially among the running community. As a certified Barefoot Training Specialist who specializes in corrective and post-rehab exercise, I must remind you that barefoot running and barefoot training are NOT the same thing (though folks who are interested in transitioning to […]

Off Season Training for Alpine Skiing

  If you are a skier in the Northern Hemisphere, you should already be doing your off season training for alpine skiing. In a year-long periodized training cycle, I typically recommend beginning dedicated off season training for alpine skiing in May. The off season period serves as a time to correct muscle imbalances, address weak […]

Free Travel Workout!

The holidays can get hectic with all of the family gatherings, office parties, shopping, over-eating (much of it junk food to boot) and… travel! So, my holiday gift to you is to provide you with a simple free travel workout that can be done anywhere! This program is for the beginner client that would like […]