Sport Specific Training

What’s your favorite sport or activity? Your game will be more enjoyable if you are performing at your peak! With one to one sport specific strength training, we design customized periodization programs based on each individual athlete’s goals, current ability, age, physical and emotional maturity, training experience, and fitness assessment results. Since each person is different, every athlete will benefit from a customized workout protocol that addresses speed, agility, flexibility, power, cardiovascular conditioning, muscle strength and endurance, and neuromuscular coordination to develop to their full potential. You are only as strong as your weakest link!


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Contact us if you have a small group that you feel would benefit from working with a professional Strength and Conditioning Coach and we will arrange a private program for your team at your location. This is a perfect way for youth sports programs or adult recreational teams to get professional instruction while containing costs.

For those who prefer to work out on their own, inexpensive pre-designed programs are available for purchase in the Program Catalog. We currently offer programs for several sports including alpine skiing, road cycling, mountain biking, rock climbing, canoeing, kayaking, basketball, tennis, soccer, volleyball and general fitness. Other pre-designed programs may be added periodically as time permits……let us know if you have a request! Note: Because of current international tax laws, these programs are currently only offered to US based customers.

Programs available for athletes of all abilities:

Alpine Skiing
Athletic Testing
Baseball & Softball
Jump & Landing Mechanics
Neuromuscular Training
Speed & Agility Training
Paddle Sports
Racquet Sports
Rock Climbing
Running & Walking
General Fitness