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How To Optimize Your Squat Technique

Optimizing your squat technique! Whether you’re an elite athlete training for a sport or an elderly adult who wants to maintain an independent lifestyle, being able to squat with correct technique is imperative! With proper squat technique, you’ll maximize the benefits of the exercise while minimizing your chance of injury. Benefits of Squats Squatting is […]

Improve Your Balance With the Foot Tripod Exercise

Here is a simple exercise that is suitable for all ages and abilities that can improve your balance and strengthen the intrinsic muscles in your feet: the Foot Tripod exercise. I use this with my elderly clients who want to improve balance, my post rehab clients whose balance is sometimes impaired after surgery or injury, […]

Metabolic Blast – Total Body Workout in 15 Minutes

Ever heard of the TRX suspension trainer? I occasionally see people using it in the gym (most people don’t know what to do with it unless they’ve worked with a personal trainer or watched somebody else); they typically limit themselves to only doing body rows or basic push-ups. Both of those exercises are great examples […]

What is the Best Exercise for Older Adults?

As a professional Personal Trainer who trains older and elder adults in the Minneapolis area, I often get asked “What is the best exercise for older adults?” My answer to any “what is the best exercise” question, no matter what your age or ability, is… “It depends.” What goals are you trying to accomplish? Best […]