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3 Pillars of a Healthy Lifestyle

As a professional Personal Trainer who takes a holistic approach to health and fitness, I believe that there’s more to a healthy lifestyle than just working out. If a client wants to truly achieve their health goals, physical fitness is obviously an important piece of the puzzle and it’s what most people come to me […]

Most Common Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

The most common reasons you’re not losing weight are most likely related to nutrition and exercise. In. That. Order. But it’s not as simple as calories in vs calories out. It’s about biochemistry. Let’s take a closer look at the basics: Nutrition Notice I said “nutrition” rather than “diet.” Diet implies a temporary white knuckle […]

Best Predictor of Weight Loss Success

What good is losing excess body fat if you can’t keep it off? In order for weight loss to be meaningful, it needs to be permanent! I’m not going to go into the “what you should be eating” or “when you should be eating” or “how much and how often you should be eating” in […]

How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

The holiday season is well under way; a time of celebrating with friends and family as well as a time of abundance. With all of the social functions, high fat & sugary treats, holiday cheer (also known as alcoholic beverages or sugary punch), time spent shopping, decorating, sending greeting cards, and perhaps traveling, this time […]

Dehydration vs Hyponatremia in Endurance Events

Originally written by Kelly Doyle, MS, CSCS July 25, 2005 Dehydration vs Hyponatremia in Endurance Events Hydration status, fluid consumption, and the effects on health and performance during endurance activities is a complex topic that continues to be investigated. Exercise induced dehydration is defined as the loss of body water that occurs during the course […]