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Strength Training for Seniors

Many of the physiological changes we once thought were an inevitable part of aging are now known to be the result of de-conditioning rather than age. There are certainly some age related changes that occur to our bodies, such as hormonal changes in middle age that can affect muscle mass and body composition. But strength training programs […]

How to get Professional Personal Training on a Budget

It’s well documented that people who hire professional Personal Trainers have greater success at achieving their fitness goals and with less chance of getting injured in the process. Note that I said professional Personal Trainers – those like myself with an advanced college degree in the field, multiple credible certifications, and years of proven experience. […]

Balance Training Exercises

Balance training isn’t just for older adults or elite athletes – it’s important for anyone who wants to enhance performance and/or prevent injury. I typically include some form of balance training into the workouts that I do with my clients, whether they are 20 year old runners, 50 year olds who want to improve health […]