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How To Optimize Your Squat Technique

Optimizing your squat technique! Whether you’re an elite athlete training for a sport or an elderly adult who wants to maintain an independent lifestyle, being able to squat with correct technique is imperative! With proper squat technique, you’ll maximize the benefits of the exercise while minimizing your chance of injury. Benefits of Squats Squatting is […]

‘Tis the Season for a Quickie Workout!

The Holiday season between Thanksgiving and the New Year are busy times for most people. With family gatherings, travel, gift shopping, preparing special meals and holiday treats, parties at the office and with friends and with family… WHEW! For many, the exercise program gets put on the back burner which means that you lose some […]

How Many Sets and Reps for Strength Training?

Personal Trainers and Strength & Conditioning Coaches are constantly trying to come up with more effective training programs and in doing so, frequently lose sight of the basics. Some of the key questions when designing programs is how many sets and reps of which exercises are optimal to get the desired results for each individual […]

How to Assess Muscle Strength in Older Adults

Most fitness experts agree that maintaining muscle strength should be the number one concern for older adults. A decline in muscle strength affects people’s ability to do everyday activities such as getting in and out of a chair or bathtub, climbing stairs, getting in and out of a car, carrying laundry or groceries, picking up […]

Metabolic Blast – Total Body Workout in 15 Minutes

Ever heard of the TRX suspension trainer? I occasionally see people using it in the gym (most people don’t know what to do with it unless they’ve worked with a personal trainer or watched somebody else); they typically limit themselves to only doing body rows or basic push-ups. Both of those exercises are great examples […]

Top 3 Most Effective Chest Exercises

Want to know which exercise isolates the pectoralis major the most? Check out this study to learn which are the most effective chest exercises, conducted by the American Council on Exercise: ACE-Sponsored Research: Top 3 Most Effective Chest Exercises. Other exercises than the ones mentioned in this study may be more beneficial for you, depending […]