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8 Tips For Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

Many people gain 10 pounds or more over the weeks between Thanksgiving and the New Year, not only because they eat more but because they also tend to be more sedentary. Here are a few tips for avoiding Holiday Weight Gain. Keep in mind, these tips are for maintaining your current weight and fitness rather […]

5 Unusual Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight

In an earlier post, we looked at some of the most common reasons why people struggle to lose weight – mainly related to exercise and nutrition. But what if you’ve tried all of those things and are still struggling? Then it’s time to consider more unusual reasons why you’re not losing weight. Stress Cortisol is […]

The Resolution Solution – How to Enjoy the Holidays Without Gaining Weight

It’s the most treacherous time of year for those who are trying to lose weight: the Holiday Season! The weeks of overindulgence between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve are the time when people manage to pack on 5-10 pounds of fat to their waist lines, only to promise themselves that they will start a healthy […]